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I'm a freelance writer, story creator, and award-winning fiction author with 15+ years' experience creating content that speaks (and sells).


I focus on real estate, home trends & technology, home maintenance, travel, and food but have a chameleonic nature and business savvy that helps me craft language that's authentic to any brand. My recent work has focused on mental illness and the impact anxiety has when you're trying to look like you've got it all together.


During the day, I am a Certified Human Resource Professional with an award-winning coaching firm, and I produce clear, concise blog content for business owners who want to do better. 


I am not currently accepting regular clients, but if you have a special project that needs help, email me!


I also love photography and have a slight Disney obsession, both of which feature heavily in my images. Check out the image gallery for a look at life through my eyes.


Thanks for stopping by.



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